Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and instead of dodging the ball just let it hit you. For a moment, you will be in pain, and you might even have a bruise. However, since you are a winner, just shake it off and continue to move in the direction of greatness. Greatness does not allow anything to get in its way.

It has the will, diligence, persistence and stamina to withstand whatever comes its way. Greatness knows that if it does not push forward it will not arrive at its destination. Greatness requires you to act big and think big.

There will be many trials and tribulations along the way. Make those situations your steppingstones, and as you step on each stone release the greatness within.

Greatness is like a prizefighter with every punch that lands it gets closer to winning the fight. Round for round and punch for punch greatness never surrenders because it knows, in the end, it reigns supreme. Greatness is upon you, and it’s time you act the part.

Stop running from your destiny and begin to run to your destiny. Run to it as if you will never have the opportunity to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Let go of the past because the past is in the past. It cannot return, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

What happened has happened, and it does not define who you are. Your past has shaped and molded you for the future. So, use the past to enlighten your future.

It follows anxiously waiting for you to receive it with open arms.

It visualizes you accepting all it has to offer, and its essence surrenders your calling; as it fulfills your desires, wants and needs. Greatness is your chance to live life as you have never lived it before.

Doors of opportunity open and your world blossoms as greatness applauds its excellence.

Your greatness is yours and yours alone. No one can take it from you. It is an everlasting gift of peace, love, resolve, pleasure, and distinction.